A few words about BluCoral Fit

Oct 1, 2011 BluCoral Fit was opened by David Kadzielewski, being in the gym industry for 15 + years as a manager and trainer, I have seen what big gyms are like and have worked in both of the top 2, 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness. What I have found that once you join you become a hounded person for upgrades and personal training, so big business can build more gyms and forget why they started. Yep its you the client, we have started a smaller personal gym to cater to our clients for personal training, nutrition and spa services to personalize your stay at our gym so please come visit us, we promise we won't hound you for upgrades or personal training it your gym. Thank you and enjoy your workout.



Our advantages

When you enter BluCoral Fit, you know what to expect. The state of the art facility and equipment are familiar and comfortable, massage services are exceptional, but what we are most proud of are the people who are there to serve you. The people who warmly greet you, expertly train you, enthusiastically teach you. lt is the entire team, our best resource, who is dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one.

State-of-the-art equipment & Cardio area

Small boutique classes throughout the day specialty classes, such as, strength training, kick-boxing, TRX Training, and much more.

Well Trained Personal Trainers

Convenient Mukilteo Location

Open 7 days per week


Our standards

1. Do not bring your gym bag or other personal belongings onto the
fitness floor.

2. Be courteous when using the water station. If there is a line, please
do not fill up your water bottle.

3. Be courteous no cell phone use or texting while in class.

4. Refrain from yelling, using profanity, banging weights and making
loud sounds.

5. Be on time for class, so you dont interupt of clients.

6. Re-rack weights and return all other equipment and accessories to their
proper locations.

7. Ask staff to show you how to operate equipment properly so that others
are not waiting as you figure it out.

8. Wipe down all equipment after use.

9. Stick to posted time limits on all cardiovascular machines if there is one.

10. Do not bring children onto the gym floor. Children must remain in the childcare area.

11. Do not disturb others. Focus on your own workout and allow others to do the same.

12. Before beginning your workout, wash your hands and wipe off any cologne or perfume


Why choose BluCoral Fit

Simple, enjoy our boutique style studio, and enjoy our services.



I love BluCoral Fit! I have only been a member of the gym since October 2013 but I can tell you that you will fall in love with this gym. The gym itself is somewhat small but they have everything you need to get a full body workout, from treadmills to free weights, bench press, punching bags and even a tanning bed! If your tired of going to gyms that are packed with people and tired of waiting to use machines then BluCoral Fit is the place for you. You can sign up for almost half the cost of a major gym membership! The staff is always friendly and willing to dedicate their time and effort to getting you the results you want for your body. So you save money, get amazing one on one training, and don't have to wait around to start or use exercise equipment. How can you beat that? Come check out BluCoral Fit today and see for yourself!

Covie S, Lynnwood WA12/11/2014
My mom has been going to David's gym for 6 months when she asked me to try out David's TRX class together. I was already in a good shape, was doing Jillian Michael's DVDs almost every day, running outdoor 2-3 miles several times a week, and working out with weights. I was surprised to find David's TRX classes challenging but so worth it, because my body got sore for a few days after. I decided to keep going to his studio and started some personal training. The first assessment that he did was very informative. I found out what my percent body fat was ( which fell in a "good" category), learned about how to eat better, plus more. David is very knowledgeable in every aspect of health and fitness. I was very pleased.
Josie T, Bothell, WA11/13/2014
The trainer well push you hard but you well get results.
Teresa M, Lynnwood WA


What people say about us

"Best studio i have every worked out in, small , clean and best of all it has massage and yoga..."Jessica Priston11/3/2014
"I started going to Dave off a groupon for 20 TRX sessions. Glad to give him a glowing review and just signed on to 12 more months with him. 30 minutes doesn't sound like a ton, but TRX packs a punch and its a great workout. Dave keeps you moving and motivated. Thanks Dave!!
Lisa C, Everett WA 11/7/2014
"I signed up for trx classes thru a living social coupon in May 2014. Loved it so much that I signed up for a year. I love the workout and the owner David is great! He explains to me why we do an exercise the way we do and also has been helpful with nutrition advise. He's there to answer all my questions. The TRX is a great workout!! "Thanks David
April K, Edmonds, WA12/15/2013
"Great place! I've only been going for a week of TRX classes, but have been impressed with the owner/trainer. He is always ready to answer our questions, explain and offer tips before and after the workout. During the class, he is kind but firm, pushing us to find our true body limits and not our mind limitations. He doesn't push studio memberships or personal training, but does offer them both and has great discounts and specials. My friend and I are looking to sign up for his personal training specifically because of how awesome David has been after just 3 classes. Highly recommend!"

Ringer, Lynnwood WA 11/6/2014
"I went to David's studio in Jan 2104 to try out his trx classes.  I was impressed immediately by how knowledgeable David was in every aspect of our workout.  He also would make corrections to our body positioning to make sure we are in correct form.  After 10 classes, I decided to sign a one year agreement, for not only trx but personal training as well.  David makes every single one of my workout with him tough and challenging.  But I always manage to get it done because he won't let me quit and pushes me to my limit.  He is an excellent, experienced trainer who is a pleasure to work with!"

Susan O, Everett WA