Tanning Services and Packages

Our Equipment

Room #2 is the Wolff Sunvision Elite 32 3F tanning bed which has the following features:

-32 100 Watt Lamps
-3 - 400W Optional facial tanners
-18 Minute tanning session
-Body fan to keep the tanner cool
-Dedicated A/C unit in the room
-In room stereo speakers
-Ipod ready / Radio / CD player in the room for your convenience.

Regular Beds

With a Gym Membership Monthly 3x a week $34.95
EFT Monthly 3x a week $27.95
Monthly 3x a week $54.00
3 Months 3x a week $129.00
6 Months 3x a week $209.00
1 Year 3x a week $324.00
6 Sessions (5+1 Free) $40.00
10 Sessions $45.00
12 Sessions (7+5 Free) $56.00
20 Sessions (10+10 Free) $80.00
1 Week* $24.00
Session $8.00
Stand Up Session Upgrade $8.00
Stand Up 4 X Upgrade 12.00  

100 Minutes (Expires in 30 days) $25.00
200 Minutes (Expires in 45 days) $45.00
400 Minutes (Expires in 60 days) $65.00

Stand Up Bed (Coming Soon)

EFT Monthly 3x a week $35.95
Monthly 3x a week $69.00
3 Monthly 3x a week $166.00
6 Monthly 3x a week $269.00
1 Year Unlimited $414.00
1 Session $10.00
6 Sessions (5+1 Free) $50.00
12 Sessions (7+5 Free) $70.00
20 Sessions (10+10 Free) $100.00
1 Week* $30.00

Never tanned before, or just have some tanning questions?? Take a look at some of the FAQ's of Tanning! 

How long can I stay in the tanning bed the first time?

This depends on your individual and unique skin type. Based on that, we will provide a recommended tanning time that is best for your skin type. Your tanning time also depends on the tanning beds that best fit your tanning needs.

Is it true that in order to get a suntan you have to burn first?

NO, NO, NO, and NO!!!  Some people believe that it is normal, and even necessary, that your skin burns before it tans. This is not true. Unlike a tan, a burn will actually damage your skin. When tanning in a tanning bed, you should take extra care to go slowly and not believe the myth that your burn will turn into a tan. Though your burn may fade at the same time you are beginning to tan, this doesn't mean your burn is turning into a tan. Burning can cause drying, sunspots, and premature aging and should be avoided at all costs!  Practice SAFE tanning, and always tan in moderation! 

How quickly can I increase my tanning time after my first session?

If you do well your first time in the tanning bed and do not experience any redness, most of our clients are able to increase their time by 1-3 minutes each time thereafter until reaching the maximum tan time for that particular bed.
Which beds can I use for my first time?
First-time customers may use any level of our UV tanning equipment that suits their needs. Based on your skin type analysis and tanning goals, will determine your initial tan time and tanning bed. After building a base tan, most of our members use a combination of units to achieve the best results.

How Often Can I Tan?

You may tan every day if you wish, as long as you wait 24 hours between each tan. This is a manufacturer's recommendation to prevent overexposure, and it includes outdoor tanning as well. We keep a detailed record of your tanning history, and we will advise you if you have not waited the full 24 hours.
Never, I repeat, NEVER tan more than 1 time per day!! This includes in a tanning bed or outside sun tanning!!

Do I have to wear eyewear while tanning indoors?

YES!!! Our eyes are very sensitive to UV light and should not be exposed while tanning. Sunglasses, towels, cotton balls, and closing your eyes are not adequate protection in a tanning unit. UV-light is responsible for both short and long-term injury to the eyes and can easily be avoided by properly using FDA-certified eyewear.

Do I really Need to Use a Tanning Lotion???

The use Indoor Tanning Lotions Maximize your tanning results!!!

Indoor tanning lotions sold in salons are different from lotions you buy at the store. Today's indoor tanning lotions are bioengineered to maximize the results of your tanning session while increasing the quality of your tan. Moist, nourished skin tans best. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to supply your skin with the essential nutrients necessary for a tan. These special ingredients also moisturize your skin to keep it looking young and healthy.

What are the Advantages of Indoor Tanning Lotions?

Saves you time. Moisturized skin tans more quickly.
Indoor tanning lotions save your skin. Moisturized skin is healthier.
Indoor tanning lotions help counteract the drying effects of heat and light associated with tanning. 

Hydration, Nutrition, and Oxygenation are the basis for all the indoor tanning lotions we carry at Latitude 47 Fitness Salon.

Hydration to deeply moisturize skin so it will sufficiently reach and maintain the desired tan. 

Nutrition to replenish the vitamins necessary to skin cells to promote cell regeneration and oxygenation. 

Oxygenation to fuel skin cell functions and accelerate the tanning process. 

Indoor tanning lotions contain only the premium, natural ingredients that provide the best tanning and skin care experience possible. Effective blends which are specially formulated to impart an alluring bronzed radiance while select botanical extracts deeply replenish, nourish and hydrate skin making it softer and more youthful-looking. 

Why Should I Buy My Tanning Products Only From a Tanning Salon?

Indoor Tanning lotions stocked by tanning salons are designed to help achieve the darkest tan...Tanning lotions bought somewhere else may actually prevent you from getting a tan by blocking UV exposure.

Never use a SPF product in a tanning bed, because SPF products require as long as 30 minutes before it actively blocks UV exposure.

Store Bought Tanning Lotions Can Damage Tanning Beds!

Indoor tanning equipment is very expensive...Many tanning lotions sold outside of tanning salons may have ingredients like mineral oil, product dyes, and other ingredients that will damage the tanning equipment and cause less UV exposure during the tanning session...Most major brands of indoor tanning products have been tested to be tanning bed safe meaning the ingredients will not damage or reduce the effectiveness of the tanning equipment
Buy using these non-authorized tanning lotions, Latitude 47 Fitness will hold you responsible for damage caused by store bought tanning products not approved for use in our tanning salon.

Are Store bought Skin Moisturizers the same as Salon Bought Moisturizers?

No, some skin moisturizers bought from retail stores and major cosmetic companies often contain ingredients that stop, diminish, or restrict your bodies natural tanning process...These non-tanning moisturizers may include:
1) Natural and chemical sun blocks that prevent the bodies UV light absorption during a tanning session
2) Skin bleachers and skin whitening agents are designed to minimize age spots but also bleaching out tan skin.
3) Skin exfoliates are designed to increase skin shedding to reduce wrinkles but peels away tan skin.
4) Most non-tanning moisturizers do not contain Tyrosine and other tanning ingredients designed to help the body tan faster. 

By using tanning salon moisturizers you will achieve better tanning results...Tanning salon moisturizers are designed to be used as often as possible but especially after a shower and before bed to help your skin receive the maximum Moisturization and Skin Conditioning in needs... Moistured and conditioned skin achieve and maintain the best TANS!!! 


 Using a high quality after tan moisturizer will help replenish the vitamins and nutrients that are lost during the tanning session, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking while helping you maintain the color that you love.  Here at Latitude 47 Fitness , we carry a variety of after tan moisturizers for all your skin care needs!



17 and under must have parents sign a waiver release form for tanning. Minium age limit 14.


Are encouraged so that Latitude 47 Fitness may ensure open appointments for tanning.

General Guidelines

Each tanning customer must fill out an intake form and waiver form for tanning. Tanning clients must check
in at the front desk.


E-mail: xhalellc@gamil.com