PRO Training is for weight training only!!!!! This training is great for Bodybuilders, Athletes and anyone serious about building muscle! Click Here For Our Trainers

Health Status Evaluation Recommendation - Sit down and get an hour consultation with your trainer for $75.00

Includes a Body Fat Test
Nutrition Starter Information
1/2 hour personal training session to evaluate your strength and mobility
3 Minute Step Test
Health Status Evaluation Recommendation. For how many sessions and times a week you should train to allow the shortest time to get in shape.

60 Minute Sessions EFT/Monthly Recurring Billing

Choose our 12 week BluCoral Fit High Pro Training Interval Igniter Program,
this program is for the person that wants to drop the weight off quickly and then move into a moderate exercise program
this program is a 3x a week intense program. This program requires you to sign a committed agreement for 12 weeks in order
for you to hit your goals and hold you accountable. This is not a quick loss shredding program, this is a high interval training program to prepare you to drop the weight so you can quickly move into your other training programs. This is a one time starter program to launch you into your regular priced 60 Min One-On-On training programs priced below. Note this program is for a people already in shape that just want to lean out more and get to a 11% to 8 % body fat. This is lean out program and not suggested for a starter or mid range strength training program. Trainer must evaluate and assess you before you can join this program.

One-On-One One-On-One Total Couples Total
12 week program, 3x week/36 sessions. Get Results FAST!!!!!!!!!
$2880.00 $5184

3/60 Minute Sessions New Member Jump Start 1 Week Basic

One-On-One Rate One-On-One Total Couples Total
3 sessions
$255 $350

60 Minute Sessions EFT/Monthly-Month Recurring Billing/No Agreement. This also includes specialty training
and or physical therapy and or In-House Training. This also includes our special promotion below. This special is
used on this type of training.

*This does not include our combined membership/training packages and or physical therapy training.

New BluCoral Fit Personal Training $10 Per Pound Rewards Program

Get $10 for every pound you lose. What other gym pays you to lose weight. At the end
of each month we will pay you based on pounds lost. Yep!! lose weight and get paid. Its that
easy . Start your personal training today !!!! You must sign up for 1 hour one-on-one training with
David your trainer, to get your cash rewards.

One-On-One Rate One-On-One Total Couples Total
1x week/4 sessions
$400 $1920
2x week/8 sessions
$760 $1360
3x week/12 sessions
$1020 $1836
4x week/16 sessions
$1200 $2160


We at BluCoral Fit believe that you should learn and be educated to follow a lifestyle of healthy habits so you can use this for a balanced fit life of eating and exercise. We at BluCoral Fit want to help spread the word, so other people can help us beat the rising obesity rate in our country. Lets help our kids learn how to eat healthy and live an active life, so they can continue our effort to educate their families and friends.