The CaveMan/Women Right Way To Eat

I am going to tell you the secrets of eating right with no point system and no counting calories. This is so simple you will be amazed at the results within two weeks.

14 years ago, I was 60lbs overweight with acid reflux, bowel syndromes and blood sugars spiking by 5%. Yes, I needed to do something quickly. I then started to do some research on foods. What I found out was that our food industry is killing us slowly over time so they can make the big dollar. If you do your own research, you will find that your food pyramid was created by food lobbyists who want food companies to make money, but not make you healthy.

Let me give you some examples of how we are being brain-washed into the foods we eat. Back in the caveman/woman days, we were scroungers. We ate protein from wild animals, foliage or veggies, and nuts and berries. We walked the entire day, which means we were not nearly as sedentary as we are now.

Here's the breakdown:
They tell us to eat grains, rice, and potatoes. Good source of fiber? Not really. Why? Well, the grains that are white bread and wheat bread are the worst. They spike your blood sugar so your pancreas has to create insulin to get rid of the sugar. With rice, on the other hand, it doesn't matter whether it is brown or white-- it just has more vitamins since it's still a starch and our bodies convert it to sugar. This concept also applies to potatoes.

Put another way, think about a car battery. It contains water, minerals, lead, and electrolytes. These mean a car battery has pH. Compared to our bodies, we have 80% water, minerals, and electrolytes. Doesn't this sound pretty close to a car battery? By pouring sugar into the car battery, it causes it to die and make the entire battery toxic.

Your body also has a pH that regulates at 7.3, which means the foods and liquids you consume are either toxic or alkaline. If our bodies reached 6.0 PH, we would not survive. The FDA put out some research that the average American consumes 180lbs of sugar per year. If you divide that into 365 days, that would leave you with an unbelievable amount of 1/2 lb of sugar a day.

One other thing to think about is a healthy dog food diet. The good dog food is grain free because grain is bad for their digestive systems. Dogs are mammals, so if it's bad for them, why are we eating it?

Diseases caused by sugar are:
Heart Disease
Skin Disease
Hardened Arteries
many, many more

Chemical sugars are the worst. The food companies can tell you it's sugar free because it's technically a chemical. Equal, Splenda, and Sweet n' Low are from a molecule founded by a mistake in the 70's from a fertilizer. This is why these artificial sweeteners are also shown to cause cancer in rats.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
Food companies wanted to save billions of dollars because the cost of natural sugar was too expensive to process. Plus, they had to add loads of sugar to their food. As a result, the food companies went to a lab, split the DNA of a corn kernel and added a synthetic sugar to the DNA strand. They did this to create a highly concentrated sugar that saves food companies billions of dollars. The big problem is that our body cannot identify all of these chemical sugars, so instead of trying to break it down, 60% of the molecule attaches itself to your fat cells. These never go away until your fat goes away first.

The Way The Caveman/woman ate:
1. Wild animals were our source of protein
2. Foliage and veggies were good complex carbs
3. Nuts were our source of fiber and vitamins
4. Berries were our source of sugar/glucose to give us energy

Breakdown of the way you should eat, adapted from the Caveman/woman diet:
1. Chicken, fish, and ground turkey--Poultry is light and easy to digest in the stomach (protein)
2. Salad-- mainly kale, dark greens, and purples (foliage)
3. Veggies-- follow the rainbow, which includes high fiber veggies, beans, broccoli (2x fiber in bread), apples, carrots
4. Nuts (fiber and vitamins)
Almonds--fiber, vitamin D & E
Walnuts-- have more omegas than fish (FDA research)
Pistachios-- cracking the shell lowers consuming rate, Pistachios lower your triglycerides (lowers bad cholesterol)

5. Berries (natural sugar/glucose)-- Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are high in antioxidants. Women only need 25.6g of sugar that equates to 6 tsp. Men need 35.5g that equates to 10tsp of sugar.

Now, how much should you eat? Your meals should consist of a dessert plate full; three meals and three snacks. These will be your meals to keep your metabolism up. You can go to the grocery store and buy these in bulk. However, if you buy trail mix, do not buy one that is high in fats and bad sugars. Grab a snack bag and fill it with almonds, walnuts, cranberries, and raisins. This will provide your body with fiber, vitamins, and glucose that is all natural for your body to break down. You should also replace regular milk with almond milk, not only because it is better for your body, but because we humans are the only mammals that after we are weaned from milk still drink it. We can get the same vitamin sources from almond milk. Plus it's healthier.

In addition to regular milk, cheese is also terrible. Have you even used a green scrubby to get that cheese out of the pan? Once you get it out from the pan, can you get it out of the scrubby? Nope. This is the exact same thing that is happening with your arteries. Now, this doesn't mean you should eliminate cheese from your diet. Replace it with feta cheese or a 2% shredded low fat cheese in a bag. This way you'll only take a pinch out of the bag, rather than taking a big chunk out of a block of cheese, containing high amounts of saturated fat.

Let's now move on to beef and pork. Both of these meats are terrible for you.

Heart Disease
Clogged arteries
High in saturated fat (doesn't matter if it's lean, still has bad fat)
Kidney Stones (broken down beef in your stomach causes uric acid, which passes through our kidney, mixes with calcium, and causes kidney stones
GOUT--disease from uric acid
Sits in your stomach for three days and rots
Alzheimer's Disease
E. Coli-- we are now feeding our cows with corn. Bacteria runs in the water and farms and cows stand in three feet of their feces.

What about protein and iron? You can get as much protein from chicken and iron from leafy greens.

Heart Disease
Nitrates and additives that break down our heart
Sits in your body for 30 days and breaks down
High in salt--puts pressure on our heart and makes it work harder, as it works harder it pushes blood too hard to our organs, putting undue stress on our other organs and causing them to break down. High blood pressure does the same thing.

-David, Owner of BluCoral Fit

** PLEASE NOTE that information given on this page is in no way intended to be taken as professional medical advice. The information on this page is intended for educational purposes only. For professional medical advice, always consult your physician. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with a physician.

-Copy written and edited by Josie Tanus